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Kennedy Elsey of MIX 104.1 by Emily Pietro

Mix 104.1’s Kennedy Elsey knows almost everything about pop culture, and she’s got the trivia record to prove it, having lost to her listeners only fourteen times in the station’s daily trivia challenge.

Born in Virginia, Kennedy spent most her life in the suburbs of Chicago. A self-described former ‘wage slave for the man,’ Kennedy worked at a temp agency in North Carolina when she was first discovered by her now co-host, Karson. “I have a theatre background, and I was doing a show when I first met Karson. He wanted to do it, but he can’t sing or act, so he ended up working on the sound. He saw me on stage and asked if I’ve ever thought of doing radio, and I said, ‘Um, I’ve got a real job, thank you,’ and thus began our friendship and a two to three month aggressive campaign for me to get on the radio with him at 2 AM,” Kennedy says. And to read the rest of the article go to the Spring issue of Applaud Women at Click on the Spring cover image found on the homepage to enter the publication, turn pages (make sure you turn on your sound to hear the pages swish), print pages or download the entire magazine.

Our Spring issue focuses on Inspirational Women in Media including 24 interviews with the top women in media in newspaper, radio and TV in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts (Boston, MA). Each woman’s story in unique and carries with it an empowering message to our readership. The next series of posts will include excerpts from each article with a link to the full issue.
Applaud Women Spring Issue

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Applaud Women video

Applaud Women video

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